Downtown Level 2


Downtown Harrisburg is the core business and government center which surrounds the focal point of Market Square. Harrisburg's downtown center city comprises the original 80-acre borough laid out in a grid pattern by John Harris in 1785. East-west streets are named and north-south streets are numbered. Market Street, running east-west, is the dividing point between north and south street designations. Many restaurants, shops and arts and entertainment attraction are downtown, and the area is very walkable. Forster Street is usually considered the boundary between Downtown and Midtown Harrisburg. City Island and its attractions, located in the middle of the Susquehanna River directly west of downtown, is typically considered part of Downtown Harrisburg. 


Midtown Scholar


Midtown Harrisburg is delineated by Forster Street to the south, Maclay Street to the north, 7th Street to the east, and the Susquehanna River to the west. One can find the historic districts of Old Uptown, Old Midtown, and Old Fox Ridge, which are all listed on the National Register of Historic Places as well as the Governor's Mansion, Broad Street Market and the oldest continually operated farmers market in the country. In addition to its many historic sites and interesting architecture, Midtown Harrisburg has many cultural and entertainment attractions, as well as restaurants, artists studios and unique shops. Learn more about Midtown Harrisburg here. 


Italian Lake Bridge


Uptown Harrisburg is bordered by the Susquehanna River to the West, Maclay Street to the south, North 7th Street to the east and Susquehanna Township to the north. The neighborhood is home to many beautiful mansions along Front Street and Italian Lake as well as homes that reflect the city’s early 20th-century architecture. With the Susquehanna River and Italian Lake within walking distance, Uptown Harrisburg is a beautiful example of relaxed, urban living.