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Dinomite Summer

Published: Jun 9, 2016
Dinomite Summer in Harrisburg

Nearly two decades ago, a Cow Parade came through Downtown Harrisburg. Many of those beautiful painted cows that were part of the city's first big public art installation are still keeping watch over a variety of high traffic spots around the city. Now, we've got dinosaurs. DINOSAURS! The prehistoric painted fiberglass dinos stomped into place (ok, workers carried them - but we're all about creating effect here people!!) just before Memorial Day, and it's been so much fun to watch people do a double-take as they walk by these cool creatures.

Harrisburg Dinomite Summer

It's a DINO-MITE Summer, and everyone is invited to a party that's been 66 million years in the making!

DINO-MITE: The Movie

The dino display is really just part of the organizers' plans to create a variety of events to draw people into the downtown throughout the summer.

First Fridays - Three rooftop concerts on the first Friday of every month.
Second Saturdays - A mini golf tournament, cook off and jazz & arts festival on the second Saturday of each month. 

So come to Downtown Harrisburg a find your favorite dino. (Ours, of course, is "Tourist Rex." He's the happy fellow in front of the Hilton Harrisburg in the photo above.) Most of all, have a DINO-MITE Summer!


Author: Allison Rohrbaugh