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Free Parking After 5
Apr 12, 2018 by Devan Drabik

HBG Offers Free Happy Hour Parking

Happy Hour just got a lot sweeter in Downtown Harrisburg. That's because the City of Harrisburg partnered with Dauphin County and the Downtown Improvement District to pre-pay the parking meters from 5-7pm. You can now park directly in front of your favorite happy hour spots for FREE! All 96 meters in the Harrisburg Downtown Improvement no longer
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HMAC John Traynor
Jun 22, 2016 by Explore HBG

Harrisburg Insider John Traynor

How’d you find your way here? I’m a native New Yorker but I grew up in London. Harrisburg was a complete fluke. I was looking for a project and I found a church for sale in Pittsburgh. So I drove from New York City to Pittsburgh with my partner, Gary, and decided it was not the right location. On the way back, we saw a tiny little sign that said
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Girls Night Out in Harrisburg
Dec 18, 2015 by Allison Rohrbaugh

Three Nights Out In Harrisburg

There’s just something about nighttime in the city. As the sun goes down and the lights go up, the city starts to come alive. Whether you’re in need of a unique date experience, a fun night out with the girls or some overdue bro bonding, you need look no further than the city of Harrisburg. If you want to impress your date by thinking beyond the
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