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Midtown Harrisburg

Published: Nov 4, 2016
Broad Street Market in Midtown Harrisburg, PA

In recent years, Harrisburg’s Midtown district has undergone a revitalization. What was once sleepy streets and few businesses has become a booming center for young professionals, artists, brewers and musicians. New businesses are popping up giving residents new foods to try or wares to buy. Artist colonies are stronger than ever, with murals being commissioned around the area from community artists. Midtown is alive and well, and growing stronger with every passing day. 

On any given evening, you can find families strolling the streets down towards the river walk. Catching the sunset at Riley & Front Streets really is a sight to behold, one that can be seen even better from the rooftops of various establishments. They’ll also be grabbing a bite to eat at family-friendly café, catching the latest Oscar-nominated film, or picking up local produce at the market Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays. 

During the weekends, events dot the neighborhood. Street fairs and block parties. Gallery showings. Live music. Food truck festivals. And every third Friday of the month, you can catch all of these on one night during Midtown’s 3rd in the Burg. Of course you don’t have to wait for the weekends for a Midtown happening. Events truly run in the neighborhood seven days a week. When you can’t find something to do in your neighborhood, come to ours.

Because Midtown is a truly welcoming place. In fact, there’s even a welcoming committee if you’re new to the neighborhood. Midtown embodies a small town tucked within a larger urban environment. It’s the type of place someone will help you get your groceries from the car. Or strike up a conversation with a you about the latest news and events. You get to know the owners of businesses, and vice versa the businesses get to know you as their people. A place where everyone knows your name, and a friendly face is just around the corner. 

Author: Explore HBG