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Harrisburg Insider: Dan Healy

Published: Sep 13, 2016
Dan Healy, Midstate Distillery

How’d you find your way here?
My business partner and I thought that craft distilling was something that Harrisburg would really embrace, and we wanted to bring it to this area. Pennsylvania became a better area for craft distilling in 2012 when it changed the state law for distilleries. They created a designation called the limited distillery that really opened it up for small production. We hoped that people would embrace it quickly and they have. We’ve had phenomenal support from the Harrisburg community.

What spirits are popular in Harrisburg right now?
We do a moonshine right now, which is a corn whiskey product. It’s an unaged, raw spirit that has gotten a lot of traction in the area. People are very interested. Actually, whether people are aware or not, there’s quite a bit of moonshining or home distilling in this area, and people are fascinated to come in and try what we’re producing on the legal side of things. We also produce bourbons and whiskeys, ryes and different products that use the locally grown grains of this area.

What do you like to do in and around Harrisburg? 
I love to see what’s going on at the Farm Show. Our proximity helps me out with that. There are some great restaurants downtown I love to check out—Rubicon, Home 231, Café 1500, Cork & Fork. I love to catch Senators’ games when I have the free time, and go out hiking.

What advice would you give to visitors from outside of the area? 
Come check out Midstate Distillery. We love to show people around and teach them what we’ve learned. There’s a great visitor’s bureau in the Hershey/Harrisburg area that has a lot of resources to help you find great things to do. Just explore everything Harrisburg and the greater area have to offer. We want you coming back to see how things grow and change over the next couple years.


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